Expert dog handlers providing security in Southern England

Intimidating and effective dog units

Dogs have an incredible ability to sense threats, so why not use this to your advantage? At Goldcrest Guarding Security Services, our experienced dog handlers offer quality security services for clients across industries in Portsmouth and Hampshire. With responsive and reliable dog units, our security personnel work on properties throughout Portsmouth and Hampshire. Learn more about our dog units on 023 9220 0999.

Ideal for deterring threats and stopping incidents in their tracks, our dog handlers exercise control over their animals with expert training and discipline. This results in a powerful and intimidating weapon against intruders and threats 24/7. If you’re housing valuable goods or need your property protected with force, choose our dog units. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Experienced professionals

Our dog handlers at Goldcrest Guarding Security Services boast extensive expertise in dog training and discipline. We’ve trained our dogs to respond fast to our calls, intimidating intruders and acting as a deterrent to threats. Our dog units are available across:


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